7 Reasons Why Citronella Oil Is Good For You

 citronella essential oil for the body
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Great Uses Of Citronella Essential Oil

Most people conjure up images of mosquitoes flying away in droves when they hear the word "citronella." It is a fact that citronella can help ward off bugs, like mosquitoes, but it is important to note that this product actually has many uses. For example, it can help clean the home, ward off body odor, and even cleanse your body.

Citronella is also very relaxing. The essential oil comes from an Indonesian island called Java. The grass itself grows in Sri Lanka naturally, but it can also be found in other tropical areas. It is by the process of steam distillation that the essential oil is extracted. What you may not know about citronella essential oil is that it is actually good for you in a variety of ways.

citronella essential oil uses

1It Reduces Body Odor

You can use citronella essential oil to create a safe, natural deodorant that smells good, and you'll feel good using it. Citronella has a lemony fragrance, and it is perfect for hiding body odor. Moreover, because citronella is antibacterial, it keeps underarm bacteria from accumulating over time.

If you want to create your own deodorant, you need to gather together the following ingredients: two tablespoons of arrowroot powder, two tablespoons of baking soda, four tablespoons of coconut oil, four drops of citronella essential oil, four drops of lemon essential oil, and something to put the deodorant in. Get out a little bowl and combine the arrowroot and baking soda and then put in each of the three kinds of oil, mixing it all together. Put the combination in the deodorant container and refrigerate it for a minimum of half an hour. You can then start to use it immediately if you would like to. Remember that coconut oil gets warm when it gets in contact with body heat, so don't use hard strokes during the application process, or you might cause a mess.

  benefits of citronella essential oil

2It Is Anti-Inflammatory

Citronella essential oil helps with inflammation. It is particularly useful when the intestines, stomach, and liver are affected. Besides, it can be beneficial for the digestive system.

There are many reasons why inflammation could be present in your body. It might be from something serious, like too much alcohol, or it could be a result of a disease or just eating something very spicy. Citronella essential oil can help soothe you.

  what is citronella essential oil used for

3It Helps With Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms are outside of your control, and they often happen at inopportune moments. There are medical conditions that can be responsible for spasmodic muscle contractions, one of which is dystonia. Typically, your muscle cramps, and then you feel a sudden onset of pain.

Citronella oil can help when you are having spasms of the nervous system, respiratory system, and muscles. It helps with menstrual cramping. It can even help you if you have a persistent cough.

  what is citronella essential oil used for

4It Gets Rid Of Intestinal Worms

If you have intestinal worms, you need citronella essential oil. Children often get worms, and this oil can be used to help them, although it needs to be given in a mild dose, and a doctor should be consulted. Citronella can help with both tapeworms and roundworms. Worms should not be ignored because they cause issues with growth and overall health, which is why citronella essential oil is so useful.

There are a lot of ways to get intestinal worms, but the most common is when you eat something that has parasitic eggs in it. When food has been undercooked or not preserved correctly, it can be dangerous to ingest. Parasitic worms are attracted to this kind of meat, and they lay their eggs in it, which is why it is so important for food to be adequately prepared.

  what is citronella essential oil used for

5It Helps With Odors

Body odor can arise from many different parts of the body, including the armpits and feet. You may not know this, but the body itself actually doesn't smell because sweat is only made up of water and salt. However, your skin has microbes on it, and it is from those microbes that the unpleasant smell arises after you have been sweating.

Citronella has a lemony scent, which is why it was given its name, and it can help to get rid of body odor. That is why you find it in a variety of body sprays and deodorants, although it is only present in small amounts so as not to irritate the skin. Also, if you really want to get clean at the end of a long day, bathe in the essential oil, and you'll feel rejuvenated.

 citronella essential oil for the body

6It Keeps Bugs Away

It was mentioned at the beginning of the article, but it bears repeating that citronella essential oil helps to keep away bugs. In particular, it wards off mosquitoes, even those that help spread yellow fever. Additionally, it works wonders on fleas and lice as well.

Yellow fever has not been as much of an issue in recent years, but it has had a bit of a comeback, and it is a severe infectious disease. It is classified as an acute viral hemorrhagic disease. A person is infected when a female mosquito with the virus bites him, and it can be found in monkeys as well. It is easily transferred from a mosquito to a human.

  how to use citronella essential oil

7It Gets Rid Of Toxins

Citronella essential oil can make you sweat more, which helps to get rid of everything in your body that you don't want there, like salt, fat, and extra water. When you rid yourself of these things, you will feel a lot better, and you will stay healthier. You will even have some natural protection against infections.

If you have the flu or are suffering from a cold, you may have an accompanying fever. When your temperature spikes up to 99 degrees and above, something is going on inside your body. You should take the illness as a sign that you need to focus on your health for a bit.

  what is citronella essential oil used for

Citronella oil is found in personal care products and perfumes. Both France and Germany export a lot of this product. You can also find citronella oil in detergents, cleaners, and soaps. The product is useful in warding off ticks as well.

Citronella essential oil is calming. It can ease the pain of both muscle spasms and menstrual cramps. It cuts back on inflammation in the body as well.

  •   benefits of citronella essential oil
  •   benefits of citronella essential oil
  •   benefits of citronella essential oil
  • citronella essential oil uses
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